Iglesia de Cristo Ebenezer Mega Church

The Church of Christ Ebenezer in San Pedro Sula, Honduras was founded in 1994 with the arrival of Pastor German Ponce and his family after they moved from Guatemala. The congregation’s reach includes worshippers in the United States of America, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Peru, the Netherlands, Panama, Puerto Rico, Sweden and various cities around the world The temple, capable of holding 7,000 adults plus 1,500 children, was specifically designed into the circular structure to optimize the acoustics which, together with the compact technology of the original PA system comprised of K-array, ensured outstanding audio performance. 

The church team loved the power of the system and the coverage was really long so when they required an updated system to cover a growing congregation yet continued to provide high clarity, they once again chose K-array. The audio system was replaced by integrators Musical Garage with 17 Mugello-KH5 line array elements paired with 4 powerful Mugello-KS5 subwoofers.

We’re thankful and happy with the quality and clarity; the system is spectacular.

Mario Matute (Church Representative)