Luxury Home Cinema

Luxury LED for Home is a pre-packaged high-end home cinema that targets consumers who prefer a unique entertainment experience, designed in collaboration with electronics powerhouse Samsung contributing its latest IF Series screens and luxury furniture designers Vismara adding its theater-style seating and custom-made sound proofing panels. Delivering the cinema’s high-end audio technology are K-array loudspeakers with Trinnov’s A/V processors to offer a new approach to surround sound. The incredibly discreet and elegantly designed loudspeakers are positioned all around the room including the ceiling. 

Combined with the Trinnov processor which optimizes the music track, movie dialog and sound effects to provide spectacular sound, this immersive 3D audio not only provides high-quality sound performance but renders watching any kind of A/V content a true sensorial experience. 

To meet the project’s design challenges of limited real estate for loudspeakers, K-array employed a sound system comprised of the Vyper-KV52 loudspeakers distributed on both sides of the massive display as Left and Right main sources. Its innovative Pure Array Technology ensures complete coverage of every row of the theater seating with a consistent and powerful sound field without disrupting the visual layout and room design. A Central audio channel was also constructed with just a pair of horizontal Vyper-KV52 loudspeakers placed at the top and at the bottom of the display. The loudspeakers are optimized to enable the audience to perceive the sound coming from the very center of the scene. 

The 3D immersivity of the sound field is guaranteed by additional eight full-range Domino-KF26 loudspeakers with four dedicated to managing the sound field on the horizontal plane in a 360° around the audience while the other four Domino-KF26 loudspeakers are installed on the ceiling, providing elevation and spatiality to the sound. - Showrooms in Monaco and Milan both house the entire Luxury for LED package.