Tenax Nightclub

More and more frequently the managers of restaurants, bars and, above all, nightclubs are requesting audio systems that comply with regulations that ensure a reduction in noise pollution, especially in areas with high residential density, hence solutions that minimize the emission of sound energy in areas outside the dance floor. So when the managers of Tenax, the historic Florentine nightclub founded in 1981 that is considered one of the most famous nightclubs in Italy, decided to invest in the renewal of the audio system, aware that it was now necessary to keep up with the technological developments of the professional audio industry, K-array was ready with a solution. For the main PA, a system consisting of 8 Firenze-KH7 divided into 4 clusters of 2 elements was assisted by 6 sub Firenze-KS8 subwoofers. 

A system dedicated to the DJ console comprised of a stereo system of 2 active 18” Thunder-KMT218 double cone subwoofers, each of which drives 2 adjustable Dragon-KX12 12” coaxial speakers to meet the needs of the DJs and guarantees the artist the same feeling and sound pressure as on the dance floor. The new sound system at Tenax does not stop at the dance floor, but also the private rooms have been renewed using K-array technology: an Axle-KRX402 system, consisting of two Thunder-KMT21 subwoofers with 21 "cones and four coaxial Dragon-KX12 speakers finds a new configuration, as the Dragons are installed on the corners of the VIP dance floor and the subwoofers are encased under the DJ console. 

The seating area of privé is completed with the installation of 3 Kobra-KK52 column loudspeakers and a KN10S subwoofer; a system that guarantees directivity to the sound emission to selectively cover the table area and not interfere with the surrounding areas. The Gold privé area is equipped with the same technology: 4 Kobra-KK52 column loudspeakers and two KN10S subwoofers. The installation concludes with the bathroom which, following the trend of other international clubs, will provide a high-quality audio experience, thanks to the installation of 8 Lyzard-KZ14 speakers, assisted by 3 Rumble-KU26 subwoofers – a discreet, IP54, high-performance system in an unusual configuration that will amaze many clubgoers.