The Lyzard-KZ14 is an ultra-micro line-array speaker in the smallest K-array's mid-high speaker series featuring the Pure Array Technology (PAT). With a small ultra-resistant milled aluminum enclosure measuring 2.2 x 10 cm x 1.1 cm and weighing only 59 g, the Lyzard-KZ14 delivers uncompromised audio performance with minimum residual noise. The compact size makes it the perfect solution for discreet audio integration in environments such as residential, retail spaces, restaurants, bars, and museums. The 4 high-efficiency drive units feature neodymium magnets and suspensions engineered for maximum linear excursion and minimum residual transducer noise. 

With a vertical coverage of 40° and horizontal 140°, a frequency response of 500 Hz to 18 kHz, and an impressive peak SPL of 98 dB, the Lyzard-KZ14 delivers clear audio reproduction and excellent intelligibility. To complete the frequency range response, the Lyzard-KZ14 must be paired with one or more Truffle or Rumble subwoofers, driven by a Kommander amplifier.

The main product models and codes are: 
KZ14 Black model
KZ14W White model
KZ14X Custom and Premium Finish Models


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