The Greens at Pier17

Life as we know it has changed significantly after COVID 19. Mega cities like New York have to change the way they approach the live market. Some other venues such as The Greens at Pier17 have prospered. A temporary outdoor park with socially distancing pods, mini lawns, where people can sit under umbrellas, on rooftop and order familiar drinks and delicious foods. Because of their special position, Pier17 have focused on nightly DJ sets, daily exercise classes, comedians and outdoor cinema moments all weatherproof and low profile. 

The task for K-array was to install a sound system that went beyond the need for quality and noise. The challenge was to cover the audience area with smooth coverage and a “lounge style” acoustical experience discreetly with speakers that blended into the background. It was a package that accommodated DJ sets, movie/television presentations and even last minute events that required various system setups. To cover the whole audience area Anderson Audio, a dealer of K-array USA, installed 8 Kayman-KY102 - 4 per side - and 12 Tornado-KT2-HV tucked into planters. Extremely low profile that covers the whole audience area.