KTL22 - KTL22C

- Unique performance-to-size ratio - Single 2” long excursion full range driver - Wide-range frequency response - 6x2.5W high efficency RGB LED - Full Aluminum ultra strong frame - Only 350g of weight The K-array KTL22 is a unique product based on the simple idea of combining sound and lighting into the same housing. It is ideally suited for architectural and display light and sound installations and for background music, paging systems and program sound applications. Deploying a KKS50 or other K-array bass speaker extends the frequency response for full fidelity music reproduction. The KTL22 has a solid aluminum chassis with an integral yoke bracket. Optionally, the K-KTIP accessory allows the fixture to be hung as a pendant, putting sound and light in the same location such as over tables in a bar or restaurant.



Ver. 1.0


Ver. 1.2

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Ver. 1.5


Ver. 1.3


Ver. 1.0


Ver. 1.0


Sommerro Hotel and Cultural Hub

When billionaire and owner of Nordic Hotels and Resorts, Petter Stordalen, wanted to open a new flagship hotel and cultu...

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