Lyzard I

Even more sleek

Lyzard I

Even more sleek

Design and Sound
in Harmony

Introducing the Mark I Lyzard micro-loudspeaker range, where premium audio meets stunning design. Featuring an ultra-sleek, minimalist body crafted from precision-milled aluminum, Lyzard is the perfect choice for discreet installations in intimate environments. With two different lengths and exceptional mid-high-range performance, Lyzard offers a superior sound experience with minimal visual impact.

Maximum discretion

The size of a chocolate bar, Lyzard speakers blend easily into modern or classic architecture without compromising the aesthetics or the sound, as the design of the speaker integrates naturally into any decor. 

For permanent installation, a hidden through-hole allows for more secure and theft-proof mounting. Easier connection is also attainable with a 2-pin Phoenix screw terminal designed to hide cables for maximum discreteness.

Recess your sound into plasterboard walls and suspended ceilings

Lyzard is undoubtedly one of the thinnest loudspeakers in the world; a feature that designers use to their advantage. However, for applications where the loudspeakers have to completely disappear, the new two KZ1R I and KZ14R I models allow you to completely recess the body of the speaker into surfaces like plasterboard walls and suspended ceilings. A wide variety of colours and finishes enables the loudspeakers to blend into any environment.  

The Power of Miniature

Say goodbye to conventional and ugly loudspeakers that draw unwanted attention, and embrace the discreet elegance of the Lyzard micro-loudspeaker range, the epitome of premium audio and stunning design, with an even sleeker miniaturized body crafted with exceptionally accurate aluminum millwork. 

With two lengths of 3.5cm or 10cm, these micro-loudspeakers are perfect for a variety of intimate environments such as retail stores, high-class restaurants, bars, and museums, as the essence of sound lies in being heard, not in being on display.

Pure Array Technology

Next Generation Line Array Technology
The “Pure Array Technology” (PAT) featured in the KZ14 I and KZ14R I models ensures maximum smooth, even coverage with no compromise in sound quality from the front of the space all the way to the back. This is ideal for hospitality environments, where PAT technology ensures background music can be heard at an appropriate level throughout the venue, without the risk of hotspots. 

Thanks to Pure Array Technology, the powerful sound reproduced by Lyzard-KZ14 I and KZ14R I is extremely natural and transparent and the perfect solution for applications where it is important for music to be present, but not overpowering.


The Lyzard is offered in a semi-matte black or an elegant white finish and can be customized to match any RAL code. Premium brushed or polished stainless steel finishes give the products a chameleon-like ability to reflect surrounding surfaces and blend in with the background. 

Our 24K gold-plated aluminum is the most luxurious finish - ideal for prestigious design projects and upscale applications. Polished steel, rose and antique gold are the other three premium finishes available for Lyzard.

Lyzards are custom manufactured to our exacting standards and subject to our rigorous quality control system in Italy.



Perfect Performance
Lyzard's electromagnetic components are miniaturised to suit the limited dimensions. Furthermore, they are designed to withstand high mechanical stress thanks to the choice of high-quality materials with unique thermal properties that protect the loudspeaker from the heat generated inside the unit. A well-made product ensures maximum longevity and superb sound performance that keeps going and going.


Experience the ultimate ease of installation with our magnetic grille loudspeakers. Simply snap and unsnap the grille with a single move, allowing for quick access and maintenance. The sleek and minimalist aesthetic of our magnetic grilles will also enhance the look of any room or environment.
A hidden through-hole allows for more secure and theft-proof mounting.

Higher impedance, fewer amplifiers


The 16Ω impedance allows you to drive more Lyzard loudspeakers from the same amplifier channel. This helps deliver even audio coverage using fewer amplifiers, saving time and money.

The Perfect Companion 

One of the biggest challenges was to make ultra-miniaturized 0.5” transducers that produce high intelligibility and coherent coverage with crystal clear audio. In order to extend the frequency range to 35 Hz, Lyzard should ALWAYS be combined with the Rumble or Truffle subwoofer series, in any application.


Material that lasts

Milled from solid aluminium bars, the Lyzard family of loudspeakers utilises the most durable and resistant materials to protect and conserve the system regardless of the elements, rendering a K-array installation both reliable and long-lasting.

Project and Applications