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Schmiedhof Alm Ski Lodge

Schmiedhof Alm Ski Lodge

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  • Situated in the heart of the Alps at 1,720m above sea level, the Schmiedhofalm Ski Lodge in Zell am See, Austria recently underwent renovations to accommodate a larger crowd of up to 300 people in addition to offering live music.
  • Distributor Musik Lenz designed a complete system to meet the acoustic needs of a modern event and dining facility as well as the demands of the owners.
  • A total of six individually-controlled zones were maintained: 4 Kobra-KK52 line arrays and a Thunder-KMT18P subwoofer in the main bar, 10 Tornado-KT2 point sources combined with 5 Rumble-KU36 subwoofers throughout the restaurant, 2 KP52-Python line arrays and a Thunder-KMT18P sub at the outside bar and 8 Tornados paired with 4 Rumble-KU36 subs in the terrace area all driven by Kommander-KA24 amplifiers.
  • Several different input sources were connected: a computer, the TV signal and also a connection point for external mp3 players were installed. The system even allows bands and performers to connect their system to the house system and vice versa.
Schmiedhof 8

We are very pleased. By combining the various K-array models we were able to create an ideal sound, neither intrusive nor too quiet. The clear tone produced by the system justifies our decision and gives you a feeling as if each track is played live.

Mayr-Szummer Familyowner of the Schmiedhof Alm
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Schmiedhof 5
Schmiedhof 7
Schmiedhof 9
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Distributor: Logo-Lenz 07

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