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Dear Lilly Lounge

Dear Lilly Lounge

Restaurants and Cafes

  • Dining Concepts now has a portfolio of 28 diverse, high-end restaurants, bars and clubs and the company’s music director Fabian Paganini has chosen K-array for all its new venues.
  • Its newest lounge bar is located in Hong Kong and designed by international designer, Ashley Sutton.
  • Dear Lilly, whose prime location in the IFC Mall overlooks Victoria Harbour, is an intimate restaurant and bar designed as an ode to the art of romance.
  • In such a beautiful, enclosed space, the most discreet of speakers was required therefore a system of four Python-KP102 I loudspeakers and two Thunder-KMT18 P subwoofers have been installed with three Tornado-KT2 point source speakers all powered by a Kommander-KA24 amp.
Dear Lilly 3

K-array is a really good company to work with. K-array speakers are very good quality, but what’s also attractive is the opportunity to work with some quality people, such as [president of global sales] Marc Vincent who lives right here on Hong Kong Island and gets very involved with our installations.

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