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Move On Record Store and Pub

Move On Record Store and Pub

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  • Nestled in the heart of Florence across from the landmark Duomo, the contemporary vinyl records concept store Move On and craft beer brewery can call K-array neighbors.
  • Move On’s multi-concept approach meant different audio installations would be required to meet the different needs.
  • K-array used Ease software to simulate the acoustics in every room to calculate the pressure, intelligibility and other parameters to determine the appropriate speaker model and guarantee full audio coverage in the store.
  • 8 Tornado-KT2 and 4 Tornado-KT2C speakers with 4 Rumble-KU36 subwoofers were implemented in the secondary room of the pub along with the corridor connecting it to the main bar.
  • The diffusors were customized with a color coat to match the decor and are driven by one Kommander-KA84 and one Kommander-KA24 amplifier.
  • It was also important to achieve the perfect acoustic balance in the dining area of the pub to add to the ambiance but not interfere, while providing enough sound later in the evenings when the pub transforms into a club and the dance floor gets lively.
  • 5 custom colored Kobra-KK52 paired with 2 Rumble-KU210 subwoofers were installed and controlled by one of the 3 KA-POT1 knobs provided to adjust the volume separately among the rooms.
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Since we are a record store, we focused on audio quality considering we need to promote every kind of music, from experimental electronic beats to the finest jazz or acoustic folk music. Being from Florence and working in the music industry, we knew of K-array and their products and thought they would be perfect for our project. After visiting their factory and testing their solutions, I knew we had made the right decision. We are really satisfied with the system!

Andrea BracaliStore Manager
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