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Moxy Times Square Hotel

Moxy Times Square Hotel

Restaurants and Cafes

  • Moxy Times Square is the NY flagship of Marriott's new, experimental global brand and its edgier hotel alternative complete with 4 eateries, the largest all-season rooftop lounge in NYC and mini golf course.

  • Full-service production and installation agency, Anthem Productions, was asked to design the audio systems for all main common areas – each with their own set of requirements – so they looked to K-array America for help.

  • The systems had to sound amazing at low levels with the ability to play very loud since they all turn into a high energy party with the need to hold together at high volume levels.

  • For the Legasea Restaurant & Bar, a system comprised of 14 Python-KP52 line arrays, 8 Tornado-KT2C point sources, 6 Thunder-KMT12P subwoofers and 5 Kommander-KA84 amplifiers was installed.

  • The rooftop Magic Hour Bar & Lounge and Foreplay putt-putt golf course employed a system of 30 Python-KP52 line arrays, 20 Thunder-KMT12P subwoofers, and 5 Kommander-KA84 amplifiers.

  • For the three-floor atrium of the hotel containing the main lobby on the first floor and the Bar Moxy and lounge and The Pickup cafeteria on the second floor, a system of 15 Python-KP52 line arrays, 6 Thunder-KMT12P subwoofers, and 3 Kommander-KA24 amplifiers was applied.

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When we fired up the system after timing the delays and simulating with EASE software and Anthem’s proprietary electronics, it was flawless! The sound was articulate and powerful with a graceful quality and each area performed with amazing coverage. The owners once again were floored with the outcome and praised Anthem for choosing K-array. Most of all they loved the way the speakers blended into the environment.

Joseph LodiAnthem co-owner and system designer
phoca thumb l hotel restaurant nyc audio system
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