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Newell Brands Company Offices

Newell Brands Company Offices

Boardrooms and Conference Rooms

  • Newell Brands is a global corporation comprised of over 200 brands, including Rubbermaid, Oster and Coleman.
  • The company's Brooklyn branch is home to an entire floor of creative minds and the goal was to harness that creativity and create an environment where people felt free to express and explore new ideas. And since audio plays an important role in fostering this experience, the interior designers required high-quality audio solutions.
  • The setup had to be multi-room to allows the users in different zones to play what they want to hear at a volume they control.
  • The system also needed to be versatile to provide clear spoken word while addressing the entire office as well as provide a bigger sound when music is needed to rock the house.
  • The architecture of the building also played a part in selecting the audio system as the facility is an old coffee factory with beautiful exposed beams, brick and rock.
  • These ceiling joists have a finite amount of space between them so to achieve a very discreet installation and maintain a high quality of audio that was required, integrator One Diversified had to get very detailed to find a product suite that provides not only mid-high speakers but also a subwoofer system that which hurdles the mounting ostacle and is easily dispersed in locations throughout the office.
  • Integrators chose K-array as their go-to audio partner and installed 78 Domino-KF26 full-range speakers and 9 ceiling flushed Tornado-KT2 point source loudspeakers customized in white paired with 12 Rumble-KU26 subs, driven by 4 Kommander-KA84 amplifiers.
  • The dual voice coils of the Domino allowed the integrator to configure some louder areas as 8 ohms and other areas as 32 ohms and perfectly fulfilled the requirement of a full-range speaker system with the desired audio quality that could also fit seamlessly into the space available.
  • The Rumble subs were distributed to provide additional bass response.
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Everyone on the floor noticed instantly on opening day that this was not a normal background music system. No matter what genre of music was selected from the streaming services iPad in the gathering area, it was apparent that this was not a normal office space and when people came to see – they were all engaged. It became a social event instantly.

Philip Fortune One Diversified Sound Designer
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