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Wolfgang Buttress' Reverie at Oliver Spencer

Wolfgang Buttress' Reverie at Oliver Spencer

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  • Oliver Spencer is one of the UK’s most distinctive men’s fashion designers with a deep commitment to sustainability.
  • Spencer teamed up with world-renowned artist Wolfgang Buttress of The Hive in Kew Gardens fame to create Reverie, a multi-sensory immersive experience in Spencer’s flagship store in Soho London.
  • It's comprised of two facing wooden seats surrounded by living, bee friendly wildflowers. Mirrors adorn the ceiling, while a Haeckels-curated scent suggests flora and beeswax.
  • The design incorporates an intricate soundscape of countryside sounds delivered by an almost invisible K-array audio solution.
  • “We needed loudspeakers that we could place as discreetly as possible, but which would still deliver a very professional performance,” explains Paulie Roche, Senior Audiovisual Engineer for Hoare Lea, the leading UK-based consultancy who designed and installed Reverie’s audio solution. “The visual aspect is so important in Reverie, we needed something with an extremely small physical form.”
  • The solution consists of 12 hard-to-find Lyzard-KZ12 ultra-miniature line array elements nestled in the fauna to simulate birds tweeting and crickets whizzing at the high-end.
  • Two Rumble-KU44 subwoofers are installed under the seats for low-end augmentation to reproduce the hum and rumble of bees.
  • With Reverie now having opened, visitors to the Oliver Spencer store are experiencing it daily.
  • “It’s exciting to be part of such an important project with many high-caliber artists,” says Stefano Zaccaria, VP of Sales & Marketing at K-array. “It reinforces our belief that our audio solutions aren’t just loudspeakers but design elements perfect for architects and designers.”
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We are very proud of the install. Customers sit down and close their eyes – at the launch it was like musical chairs because everyone wanted to have a go. 2B heard have provided some unique loudspeakers from K-array that can fit into a unique place for a very unique project. We will certainly continue specifying them in the future.

Paulie RocheSenior Audiovisual Engineer at Hoare Lea
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Distributor: 2B Heard

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