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Playground Flagship Clothing Store

Playground Flagship Clothing Store


  • Playground is a high-end clothing store situated in the center of Prato, Italy, consisting of an open space furnished with few elements, handcrafted by local artisans using natural recycled materials.
  • Interior deisgners Studio 10 were looking for a system to seamlessly integrate with the architecture and for owner and architect, Roberto Baccioni, it was love at first sight when he discovered K-array.
  • The sound system has been divided into 4 zones, each with a different setup and each with the ability to select a different sound source and adjust volume and setup resulting in a evenly distributed dispersion for pleaseant musical background or louder occasions like DJ sets as the store often hosts.
  • To cover the live music events, two active Pinnacle-KR102 portable systems have been installed.
  • The background music was addressed by installing 4 ultra-mini Lyzard-KZ12 speakers that are hidden amoung the furniture and and paired with two high-efficiency Rumble-KU36 subs.
  • The speakers are powered by a Kommander-KA7 amplifier in Class D with remote control DSP.
  • The two systems can be played together for a combined diffusion of sound and give a clean and high quality result, perfectly in harmony with Playground's ethos.
Playground 3

I really adore technology, I love using it in my architecture projects and I think that it should be finalized to the achievement of a certain result. A great revelation, a brand that combines quality, a great performance, a simple installation procedure and an excellent sound.

Roberto BaccioniArchitect and Owner of Studio 10
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