Beijing Exhibition Center

The electrifying performance at the Beijing Exhibition Center Theater on November 13th and 14th was a testament to K-array's prowess in audio excellence.

Situated in the heart of Beijing, the historic Beijing Exhibition Center Theater, established in 1954, played host to an extraordinary musical event. Boasting a circular auditorium with a diameter of 62 meters and 2,763 seats, this iconic venue is a cornerstone of Beijing's performance scene. JZ Club, the visionary behind the 2023 JZ JazzFes Tour, entrusted K-array China for the design, installation, and optimization of the audio system. The tour featured Grammy Award-winning Snarky Puppy and acclaimed Japanese band T-Square. Mr. Ren's positive past experience led to the selection of K-array. Having used K-array's Firenze system previously and witnessing the Concert series' outstanding performance, Mr. Ren was convinced of K-array's unmatched audio quality.

Configuring a stereo speaker system in a vast amphitheater with a 62-meter diameter presented challenges. K-array's solution included twelve Mugello-KH3 and eight Mugello-KH2 for main left and right, seven Thunder-KS5 for sub, four Mugello-KH2 for front fill, four Mastiff-KM112 and four Mastiff-KM312 for stage monitor, and a Dragon-KX12 with Thunder-KMT12 for the drummer's monitor. Strategically using Truss frames to suspend speakers on both sides of the stage, the Concert series KH2 and KH3 speakers, with Slim Array Technology and Electronic Beam Steering, delivered a precise and uniform auditory experience, catering to a diverse audience. Addressing wide audience seating, deep stage depth, and high sound level requirements, K-array's Electronic Beam Steering technology and ground-stacked cardioid sub arrays triumphed. The result? Consistent sound coverage and a pristine stage.

Mugello-KH2 and Mugello-KH3 speakers, with their unique cardioid polar pattern and Electronic Beam Steering, ensured uniform sound coverage. The low-frequency array speakers exhibited cardioid coverage, reducing contamination and creating a clean stage. Leveraging K-framework3D's acoustic prediction feature allowed for meticulous planning, ensuring swift and accurate on-site installation and tuning. The final system was delivered, installed, and tuned with precision, meeting the tight schedule seamlessly.

Beijing Exhibition Center Theater witnessed a sonic marvel as K-array's cutting-edge technology transformed the space into an acoustic haven. The 2023 JZ JazzFes Tour, with its stellar lineup, marked not just a musical milestone but showcased the seamless synergy between K-array and the world-class performances it supports. Explore the transformative power of K-array audio solutions for unparalleled sonic experiences.