88 Terrace

88 Terrace is a rooftop bar located at Bluewaters Island. The environment and spaces are enhanced thanks to live music, performances, and art installations. The 88 Terrace area features a futuristic industrial design style combined with art. 

Among the K-array range of products, the Python line was a good choice for 88 Terrace acoustic systems. The forty Python-KP52 speakers were selected and installed throughout the terrace. This passive speaker is a visually discreet audio system, and it seamlessly integrates into the architectural layouts of the terrace, without compromising the sound quality.

To add exceptional lows and a cleaner sound to the venue’s frequency range, subwoofers from the Thunder line were selected. Thunder-KS1 and Thunder-KS2, are well known for their ultra-light and high-power sound. As part of the complete venue sound integration, the Ground, Second and Rooftop floors were all connected over a single Dante network.