Ultra-light, high power subwoofers


Ultra-light, high power subwoofers


Combined with the unique audio solutions of K-array, add exceptional lows to your frequency range for live sound events with a choice of five subwoofer models from the Thunder series present in both active and passive electronic versions. 

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deeper bass

Are you looking for a deeper sound, higher sound pressure and better tonal definition? A new design approach with the KS versions further extends the sound reproduction in the low frequency and promises a significant increase in SPL performance.


Simply combining two or more subwoofers to obtain a configuration that guarantees cardioid diffusion even throughout the low frequencies promises to give you a cleaner sound on stage, minimise risk of acoustic feedback, and in general a greater control over sound design the way you want it.


The Thunder Series subs are built with a choice of Finnish birch plywood so it lightweight and incredibly resistant, making it the perfect speaker for audio rentals.The new polyurea paint and the cataphoresis treatment for the front grill, further treated with powder coating, also give greater resistance to the harsh weather environments often experienced on the road.


The details can really make the difference, the side handles are elegantly integrated into the speaker body beautifully crafted for comfort. The M20 threaded flange on the top which is essential for combining with the speaker stands and pins of the Pinnacle and Axle systems, is made for steadiness with internal strong tubular brackets to give more stability. 

even off  
the stage

Thanks to K-array’s signature compact style, without trying to be defined as a design product the Thunder series can easily adapt to architectural installations or even wedding events in the open air where blending in is of great importance, also thanks to the possibility of a custom painting on demand . New to this latest product release is also the availability of the white color as a standard choice.


Among the Thunder-KS accessories, one of particular importance are the mechanics for hanging in arrays which allow it to be suspended in combination with the line array speakers of the Mugello family, and in clusters composed exclusively of subwoofers. This hardware also allows you to create arrays with corners, in order to follow the set-up of the main array.


Sound performance is essential for an unforgettable cinema experience. Equal to the powerful and engaging imagery as seen on the big screen, the Thunder-KS model reveals an untapped potential of cinema sound performance by extending the low-end response even further, making it an easier task to excite the public in vast squares and even arenas.

1 x 4

In their active version, the Thunders are more than just subwoofers. They include powerful 4-ch class D amplifiers fully managed by sophisticated integrated DSP processors.


This combination allows the electronics of a Thunder to deliver not only the power signal to the subwoofer itself, but offers up to three additional channels of amplification and processing, thus becoming a complete control unit that allows you to drive an entire stereo system using only one active unit. Questo si trasforma anche in un grande vantaggio economico.


Enhanced performance and easy tuning are now managed by the Integrated Electronic Brain - IEB - implemented into K-array amplifiers. More than a traditional DSP, the built-in micro electronics driven by the integrated operating system osKar features expansive sound processing, offering complete user control over the system performance

• Everyone will experience the low frequencies

•Stereo image is still preserved

•The Mid-high elements can be more compact

•Slim Array Technology can be implemented




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K-framework 3


K-framework 3 


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The remote control of Thunder-KS subwoofers can take place through three different types of software released for free, starting from the most complete K-framework for Windows and Mac, passing from a more intuitive web app and arriving at the more simplified mobile app (wi-fi). There are also APIs and plugins to control these devices via third-party controllers.

An LED located on the front of each machine, allows the user to understand which device he has entered into communication with.

Dante Ready

Dante Ready is a unique licensing program developed by Audinate and implemented by K-array for the first time, that lets customers activate Dante while devices are in the field, purchasing only as many channels of Dante audio as they require.

Dante Activator 

To active a Dante license on a K-array device, just connect the unit to Internet and run the Dante Activator function in the Dante Controller.

Dante Ready Activator scans the local Dante network for any Dante Ready eligible products and shows the available options; purchases are immediately applied to the target devices for a smooth, easy experience.



Dante Controller - Download



Dante Ready - Download


We have the ability to customize your project by color matching your system to any RAL code to help you to better integrate the speakers into a wide variety of venues.


With a particular focus on audio technicians and rentals, the amplifier of the new Thunder-KS line features a PowerCon True connector for powering the mains, allowing easier wiring extension and greater resistance to bad weather.


And precisely to ensure greater safety in case of bad weather, the entire connector panel is housed in a new area completely recessed inside the sub chassis, constituting a practical self-shelter solution, already sufficient for less heavy rains.

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