Guitar en Scene Music Festival

Guitar en Scene is a niche music festival for a small audience of 5,500 in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois featuring world class guitarists. When the festival celebrated its 10th anniversary, performances included international talents like Santana, Twisted Sister, Joe Satriani and Dweezil Zappa, and featured our Mugello line on the Village Stage. A cluster of six Mugello-KH5 line array elements per side were paired with eight Mugello-KS5 subwoofers displayed as a four stack of two in the middle, spaced center to center. 

Two KH2 loudspeakers were used as center fill. On a separate, smaller stage, a Pinnacle-KR802 portable system was flown in an LR configuration with the subwoofers located centrally. With so many great performances and positive feedback from their peers, French distributor, Appel Electronique Industries, was satisfied with the end results; the performances flowed naturally and were musically dynamic.

The Mugello system provided excellent coverage of the space, even at 50 meters from the stage. We could hear the entire frequency range. With the subwoofers, their setup at minus 15dB provided more than enough and the results were amazing. They reached all the way to the back of the audience."

Cedric Courieux (Technical director for the festival, Le Bureau Productions)