Reine & La Rue

It’s an age-old problem for hospitality operators: some of the most beautiful venues with the grandest features, highest ceilings and breathtaking architecture are venerable, often unsuited to the demands of modern hospitality and heritage listed. If you had to find a space that exemplifies this best, then look no further than Reine & La Rue. 

Reine & La Rue is part of the Nomad Hospitality Group run by husband and wife team Rebecca and Al Yazbek. Rebecca has an architectural background and admits to catching the bug when first shown the space on Collins Street, Melbourne. “It was actually the site of the first stock exchange, built in 1887. When the agent showed us the space it hadn’t been occupied for some time and was a demolition site.” Thankfully the landlord, property developer GPT, would restore the building and it had approvals to be a restaurant. “But that was only the first step,” notes Rebecca. “We had to work through Heritage Victoria approvals, City of Melbourne, approvals, feedback from Melburnians who love this space... all of that was hard and time consuming – it took years and years to work through.”

When approached by Arup and the Nomad Hospitality Group, we recognized the unique hurdles posed by the grandeur of the Reine & La Rue venue. With stratospheric ceilings and a heritage listing that demanded utmost respect for the original structure, traditional audio solutions seemed impractical. However, our team embraced the opportunity to innovate and deliver a solution that exceeded expectations.

The first step was understanding the acoustic complexities of the space. Working closely with Arup's talented consultants, we utilized advanced modeling techniques to analyze the room's reverberation characteristics. The result? A comprehensive strategy to tame the rampant reverberation while preserving the venue's architectural integrity.

Our Lyzard loudspeakers emerged as the perfect solution for delivering high-fidelity sound in a discreet and unobtrusive manner. Unlike traditional speakers, Lyzards offered unparalleled flexibility in placement, allowing us to integrate them seamlessly into the venue's joinery insertions. This innovative approach not only met the stringent requirements of the heritage listing but also provided patrons with an immersive audio experience like no other.

Collaborating with Insight Systems for system integration and installation, we ensured that every aspect of the audio solution was meticulously executed. The result speaks for itself – patrons of Reine & La Rue are captivated by the immersive sound experience, often unable to discern the source of the music. As pioneers in audio technology, we take pride in the success of projects like Reine & La Rue. It's a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in audio reproduction, even in the most challenging of environments. At K-array, we don't just provide audio solutions – we create unforgettable experiences that resonate with audiences for years to come.

Watch the video: Reine & La Rue