The Sound of Luxury

People joke that AV stands for ‘all video’, in most cases it is true. But when it comes to hotels, they really get that sound is critical to their success. Sound has the compelling ability to create, shape, change emotions, people, behaviours and thoughts. It’s a powerful tool to engage your guests and change the experience they have. So, we continue with our series of favourite projects we’ve worked on with our top three hotels around the world!

Given that sound can influence humans in profound ways, hoteliers should be aware of how they can benefit from using it at their venues.

The K-ecosystem of technologies not only provides ultra compact speakers that minimises the aesthetic impact, but also provide uncontested control when it comes to power versus ambience, whether this be for lobbies, bathrooms, gyms or high performance nightclubs, lounges or pools. So, we continue with our series of favourite projects we’ve worked on with our top three hotels around the world!

The W Hotel, Ibiza

The Challenge
The 162-roomW Ibiza hotel required an all-encompassing audio system designed specifically for various zones throughout. Featuring a private terrace with an outdoor pool that offers direct access to the beach and seafront promenade, along with a nightclub. The sound system was a critical element of the hotel’s design. The owners required the best quality audio in a discreet shape. Sound Consultant Mark Netto was brought in to find the perfect balance between the interior designers’ requirements and the sound technician’s needs. Aware of its absolute quality from previous prestigious venues, Netto selected K-array. 

The Solution
The lobby was fitted with 8 Vyper-KV52 loudspeakers paired with 2 Rumble-KU210 subwoofers all in white. The bathrooms immediately adjacent were also equipped with 3 Tornado-KTC point sources flushed within the ceiling and 1 Domino-KF26 full-range loudspeaker. To lead clientele from the lobby to the other floors of the hotel with the same homogenous audio experience, 3 Vyper-KV25 slim line arrays were installed in the elevators. 

At the WET Deck, oversized sun loungers and low seating give prime sea views, as mixologists work their magic. For the pool, the system consisted of 10 Vyper-KV52, 6 Lyzard-KZ14, 8 Rumble-KU210 powered by 1 Kommander-KA84 and 1 Kommander-KA24 amplifiers. The bar installed 6 Vyper-KV52 were paired with 2 Rumble-KU210 subwoofers - all customised in white and driven by 1 Kommander-KA24 amplifier. 

The W Lounge, which gives a sense of the theatrical from its amphitheatre-styling. Every day and night is celebrated by sipping cocktails, mingling and soaking up the action so a system of 6 Vyper-KV52 in white powered by one Kommander-KA24 was installed in the space. In the hotel’s 100-capacity, 807-sq-ft meeting room, 6 Vyper-KV52 and 1 Python-KP52 also customised in white was driven by 1 Kommander-KA14 amp and 1 Kommander-KA24 amp. 

In the FIT gym – open 24/7 – and AWAY spa, 8 Domino-KF26 loudspeakers were transformed into self-powered speakers by inserting the specific KA1-FF amplifier accessory. Along with 6 Domino-KF210, the full-range loudspeakers were colour customised to a specific RAL code and powered by 1 Kommander-KA84 amplifier. 

Ve Café is the hotel’s modern, vegetarian health food bar designed to uplift guests with fresh and wholesome bites and drinks. It was fitted with 9 Tornado-KT2C ceiling mounted point sources and 4 Rumble-KU26 subs both customized in a specific RAL code to integrate seamlessly and for a relaxed lunch experience. 

Rooftop Bar GLOW, the exclusive rooftop venue that is strictly adults-only,was given a top-notch system consisting of 8 Kobra-KK52 line arrays with 3 Rumble-KU210 subwoofers driven by 1 Kommander-KA84. The Below Nightclub was installed with a powerful system of 4 Dragon-KX12 point sources for high pressure in the near field along with 2 Python-KP52 line arrays were paired with 2 Thunder-KMT218P and 2 Thunder-KMT12 subwoofers for heavy low-end frequencies. 2 Domino-KF26 full-range speakers were installed in the bathrooms and were powered by a Kommander-KA84 amplifier. 

With many areas restricted only to adults, the hotel created a kid’s club which has 3 Kobra-KK52 and 2 Vyper-KV52 in white paired with 1 Rumble-KU26 subwoofer and 2 Rumble-KU210 subs for the low-end frequencies. The system was powered by a Kommader-KA14 amplifier. Set on the golden sands of Santa Eulalia bay, Chiringuito Blue is a relaxed beach restaurant where the east of the Mediterranean meets Ibiza in a vibrant dining experience was also equipped with K-array employing 6 Lyzard-KZ14 in white and 2 Rumble-KU26 subs controlled by 1 Kommander-KA14 amp. Lastly, the La Llama brings an inventive twist to the classic steakhouse in an elegant interior, so it was extremely important to implement a system with minimal visual impact. The hotel’s restaurant employed 8 slim Vyper-KV52 line arrays in white with 3 Rumble-KU210 subs to cover the low frequencies. The bathrooms were fitted with 9 Tornado-KT2C flushed in the ceiling plus 2 Domino-KF26 full-range speakers all colour customised with a specific RAL code. A Pinnacle-KR402 and a Pinnacle-KR802 portable system were also delivered for reinforcement during events.

Nobu Resort at Eden Roc Miami

The Challenge
Nobu Hotels and Eden Roc Resort Miami Beach joined forces to develop the multi-million dollar, hotel within a hotel, Nobu Hotel at Eden Roc Miami Beach backed by renowned Chef Nobu, Academy Award-winner Robert De Niro and Hollywood producer Meir Teper. Interior designers ensured the lush and natural elements were fused with contemporary finishes in the modern and elegant setting. This fusion, which is a core thread of Nobu, was also required for the hotel’s acoustics. 

New York City-based Audio Visual Designs and Concepts, LLC was brought in to design and install a seamless audio system for the Nobu restaurant, bar and hotel lobby. The three distinct areas combine to form one large open space, so they needed products that had good dispersion, but control to avoid sound overlap. 

The Solution
Co-founder and COO Ernie Lake equipped the bar with 8 Python-KP102 loudspeakers paired with 2 Thunder-KMT18 subwoofers and 2 Thunder-KMT12 subwoofers. The restaurant had 12 Python-KP52 loudspeakers integrated into rattan-covered columns and were combined with 2 Thunder-KMT12 subwoofers. Both these sections were powered by Kommander-KA84 amplifiers. The lobby was equipped with three Pinnacle-KR402 systems.

The Happy Customer:
“We are very happy with the performance of the audio and the work Ernie did at Nobu Eden Rock and look forward to our continued partnership at the other locations.”

Hiro Tahara - Chief Operation Officer at Nobu Restaurants

Moxy Times Square Hotel, New York

Moxy Times Square is the New York flagship of the Marriott's new, experimental global brand and its edgier hotel alternative. Complete with four eateries, the largest all-season rooftop lounge in NYC and mini golf course. The full-service production and installation agency, Anthem Productions, was asked to design the audio systems for all main common areas – each with their own set of requirements – so they looked to K-array America for help. The systems had to sound amazing at low levels with the ability to play very loud since they all turn into a high energy party with the need to hold together at high volume levels. 

The Solution
The Legasea Restaurant & Bar, the system consisting of 14 Python-KP52 line arrays, 8 Tornado-KT2C point sources, 6 Thunder-KMT12P subwoofers and 5 Kommander-KA84 amplifiers was installed. The rooftop Magic Hour Bar & Lounge and Foreplay putt-putt golf course employed a system of 30 Python-KP52 line arrays, 20 Thunder-KMT12P subwoofers, and 5 Kommander-KA84 amplifiers. For the three-floor atrium of the hotel containing the main lobby on the first floor and the Bar Moxy and lounge and The Pickup cafeteria on the second floor, a system of 15 Python-KP52 line arrays, 6 Thunder-KMT12P subwoofers, and 3 Kommander-KA24 amplifiers was applied.

The Happy Customer
“When we fired up the system after timing the delays and simulating with EASE software and Anthem’s proprietary electronics, it was flawless! The sound was articulate and powerful with a graceful quality and each area performed with amazing coverage. The owners once again were floored with the outcome and praised Anthem for choosing K-array. Most of all they loved the way the speakers blended into the environment.”

Joseph Lodi - Anthem co-owner and system designer