State-of-the-art touring systems


State-of-the-art touring systems

Powerful touring systems with the ability to precisely and independently control each element of the array eliminating noise pollution and providing continuous, even coverage and featuring a compact design which allows sound to exit instantaneously without resonance.


Slim Array Technology (SAT) and Electronic Beam Steering (EBS), along with other important features such as premium materials and impeccable sound quality, put K-array’s Firenze Systems on the forefront of cutting-edge live sound reinforcement.
The Firenze Series, comprised of the Firenze-KH7, Firenze-KH8, Firenze-KS7 and Firenze-KS8.

Slim and compact

The compact design also allows sound to exit instantaneously without resonance, generating a significant amount of sound pressure in the low and low-mid range which results in a better impulse response and maximum sound clarity and definition.
Slim and compact, these self-powered and weather resistant speakers offer unique solution to the touring audio market.

Slim Array Technology (SAT) marks the transition to a new interpretation of line-array technology that has been left unchanged for too long. The compact form factor and the particular loading of the Firenze transducers result in a fast and stable impulse response, that is, in the complete control of the spectral components of the signal, directivity and a powerful, extremely defined sound. The Firenze line adheres to the highest standards of professional audio in terms of acoustics and quality, combining a unique design with an exceptional sound pressure level with cardioid directivity and minimal rear sound dispersion (minimise risk of feedback on stage). You have to hear it to believe it.

The composition of arrays with the right inclinations has always been a great challenge for the PA manager. If you make a mistake setting an angle, most of the time you have to disassemble the entire array that can take ages. The implementation of Electronic Beam Steering - EBS - technology in Firenze systems allows the directivity of the system to be electronically modified in order to improve audience coverage, even in the absence of correct mechanical alignment. This important feature also allows extreme configurations where the array is hung perfectly straight, without inclination angles (straight array), or stepped (step array). These types of configurations are very useful when you do not have enough space to create the characteristic J-shape of the array, or in the absence of rigging specialists who can assist you in mechanically maneuvering the systems.

• Everyone will experience the low frequencies

•Stereo image is still preserved

•The Mid-high elements can be more compact

•Slim Array Technology can be implemented

Self-Powered Capabilities

Our self-powered solutions prevent distortion from cumbersome and fragile passive crossovers and power loss due to long running cables, and offer plenty of advantages ranging from the compactness of the solution to the ease of integration with new and existing sound systems.


We have the ability to customize your project by color matching your system to any RAL code to help you to better integrate the speakers into a wide variety of venues.


We created a portfolio complete with lightweight products that are easy to transportation and quick to setup optimizing logistics, space, labor costs and time.

Weather Resistant

We utilize the most durable and resistant materials when developing our products to protect and conserve the system regardless of the elements, rendering a K-array installation reliable and long-lasting.

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