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All-white solutions for sophisticated setups

Conveniently lightweight and devastatingly elegant, any combination of these all-white components offer the ability to adapt to the needs of any event production and ensure seamless integration throughout the venue.

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High-tech, lightweight powered stereo systems

K-array’s Pinnacle systems are integrated, self-powered speaker systems that are lightweight with plug and play capabilities rendering them the apex of portable audio.

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Pinnacle 2022

new collection - The power of one

A professional, versatile, audio diffusion system capable of blending in but standing out with exceptional high performance and innovative even coverage built as one easy to use solution for multiple applications.

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Multi-use, high pressure portable systems

For quality sound on-the-go, the Axle line is the perfect solution for where a lot of pressure is needed in the near field like touring DJs, multi-purpose lounges and clubs.

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