Electronic beam steerable, powered line array speakers


Electronic beam steerable, powered line array speakers


You become the master. 

It is impossible to understand the culture and comradery of the Live Event world if you are not part of it, it is a journey full of creativity with problem solving that can be incredibly fulfilling. If you are an experienced pro sound engineer, you know what tools of the trade can consistently give you a greater opportunity to be successful and those in the know can tell you the best audio system is the one that can combine sound quality, performance, ease of assembly and compactness to make it easy to transport. K-array is at the heart of that journey with you providing a unique live audio solution that goes beyond the industry benchmark.

The Mugello line consists of three models of line array units

KH2, KH3 and KH5 - incredibly compact and light, capable of combining high power density with intelligibility and complete performance control. Designed for quick and easy installation, they are the ideal solution to reduce transport and handling costs.


thin array


is the key

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Slim Array Technology (SAT) marks the transition to a new interpretation of line-array technology that has been left unchanged for too long. The compact form factor and the particular loading of the Mugello transducers result in a fast and stable impulse response, that is, in the complete control of the spectral components of the signal, directivity and a powerful, extremely defined sound. The Mugello line adheres to the highest standards of professional audio in terms of acoustics and quality, combining a unique design with an exceptional sound pressure level with cardioid directivity and minimal rear sound dispersion (minimise risk of feedback on stage). You have to hear it to believe it.

Mugello-KH2 I and Mugello-KH3 I

passive / active configurations 


How to get the best out of a live sound system



Sound Precision and Fast Hanging

The composition of arrays with the right inclinations has always been a great challenge for the PA manager. If you make a mistake setting an angle, most of the time you have to disassemble the entire array that can take ages. The implementation of Electronic Beam Steering - EBS - technology in Mugello systems allows the directivity of the system to be electronically modified in order to improve audience coverage, even in the absence of correct mechanical alignment. This important feature also allows extreme configurations where the array is hung perfectly straight, without inclination angles (straight array), or stepped (step array). These types of configurations are very useful when you do not have enough space to create the characteristic J-shape of the array, or in the absence of rigging specialists who can assist you in mechanically maneuvering the systems.


Keep it simple but brilliant
It is now part of the K-array philosophy to be able to offer sound quality and performance while optimizing costs for the rental company on system electronics exploiting the computing power of the system processor and the compactness of the amplification modules. It is possible to combine both with the same system configuration, to increase versatility but also the optimize efficiency without compromise by having an assortment of Pinnacle systems in stock. The standard configurations of the systems already include the combination of both models as standard. With a single electronics you will be able to manage double the number of speakers, optimizing costs and times in the distribution of current to power them.

Set-up of the main array.

The new Thunder-KS integrates a new generation of intelligence (osKar) developed with a new sound processor with advanced components (IEB Integrated Electronic Brain) that allows you to manage the entire ecosystem through various control platforms and offers various features directly on board the device, in order to simplify yet extend the applications that it can support.

The osKar operating system offers the possibility to control the main functions of the DSP to manage Volumes, Routing and Presets directly from the device itself, it also has a USB player and a web stream receiver.




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K-framework 3


K-framework 3 


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The remote control of Thunder-KS subwoofers can take place through three different types of software released for free, starting from the most complete K-framework for Windows and Mac, passing from a more intuitive web app and arriving at the more simplified mobile app (wi-fi). There are also APIs and plugins to control these devices via third-party controllers.

An LED located on the front of each machine, allows the user to understand which device he has entered into communication with.


We have the ability to customize your project by color matching your system to any RAL code to help you to better integrate the speakers into a wide variety of venues.


We utilize the most durable and resistant materials when developing our products to protect and conserve the system regardless of the elements, rendering a K-array installation reliable and long-lasting.


With the dedicated K-dante accessory, this solution can be integrated into a Dante network making it interoperable with other devices.

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