Bleisure Hub

Bleisure is a unique project born in Milan. A great combination of business and leisure with an elegant and avant-garde space that includes a cafè-restaurant along with multi-purpose meeting rooms. Companies can hire rooms for business meetings or corporate events, furthermore these spaces are showrooms for the hospitality industry with the support of IVH group.
This space consists of two multi-configuration rooms that can host events with stalls, meeting rooms and relaxing moments. Four small meeting rooms and a lounge area with live music.

Bleisure is a one-of-the-kind showroom and hub because it offers a showcase of services and solutions that can be paid with overnight stays at IVH group. From the AV point of view AVL Technology with Exhibo’s support created the project. The multi-configuration rooms are two Vyper-KV25, for the amplification of the smallest amplifier of K-array’s catalog Kommander-KA02 and the medium sub Truffle-KTR25 of the compact subwoofers.

Lyzard is the ‘main character’ of this installation, it covers the space with sound embracing the pace in a uniform way. To optimize the presence of a large number of people, the rooms can be connected and hold two groups that can follow the same conference. Concerning the smaller rooms, acoustics become functional and aesthetically good-looking. The configuration is simpler but particular, because the speakers are installed in an unconventional way; horizontal. 

At the first floor there’s the lounge area, where bands and DJs play live music, in an area that is equipped with Thunder-KMT12P sub and two Kobra-KK102. The signal can be transmitted in the all structure with the possibility to manage the volumes.