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Ultra-miniature aluminum line array element

K-array’s Lyzard line shares some of the same characteristics with its animal namesake. With a miniature form for easy hiding, the Lyzard loudspeaker is a remarkable micro line array designed for discreet use in a variety of intimate environments such as restaurants, bars and museums.

Milled from a single bar of alumium, the durable and resistant enclosure contains a line array of closely-spaced, full-range drivers to that demonstrate pure line array characteristics. The system delivers long throw and coherent coverage with crystal clear audio making it ideal for use in space constrained situations. Lyzards can be integrated with the KU sub bass line, extending the frequency range to 35 Hz.

And like some lizards that can change colors for better camouflaging, the Lyzard is offered in sleek black and an elegant white or can be customized to match any RAL code. Premium brushed or polished stainless steel finishes give the products a chameleon-like ability to reflect surrounding surfaces and blend in with the background. The most luxurious finish is our 24K gold-plated aluminum - ideal for prestigious design projects and upscale applications.

The Lyzard is an installer’s dream with the inclusion of a magnetic adhesive plate to attach to the wall and attrach to the speaker’s back ferritic stainless steel plate. For a more permanent installation, the introduction of a hidden through-hole allows for more secure mounting. Easier connection is also attainable with a 2-pin Phoenix connector designed to hide cables for maximum discreetness.

They are custom manufactured to our exact standards and quality control system in Italy.

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Visually Discreet

For architectural reasons, a visually discreet audio system may be required to integrate seamlessly with the layout without compromising sound quality.


Premium Finishes

Similar to high-end fashion accessories and jewelry, our products undergo the most advanced coating process for a more beautiful and lustrous look.


Color Customizable

We have the ability to customize your project by color matching your system to any RAL color to help you to better integrate the speakers into a wide variety of venues.


Weather Resistant

We utilize the most durable and resistant materials when developing our products to protect and conserve the system regardless of the elements, rendering a K-array installation reliable and long-lasting.



We created a portfolio complete with lightweight products that are easy to transportation and quick to setup optimizing logistics, space, labor costs and time.



Pure Array Technology

Composed of closely-spaced, full-range sound sources, our line array elements feature demonstrate pure line array characteristics.


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Lyzard line products can be successfully used in a range of different settings and events.

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