KH7 – Touring line array sound system with Electronic Beam Steering & SAT

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Digitally steerable touring system with Slim Array Technology  

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Top-of-the-line performance
Quick setup and cost sensitive
Auto configuration
Slim Array Technology (SAT)
Electronic Beam Steering (EBS)
Weather resistant
Large scale events
Touring sound reinforcement
Stadiums, arenas, concert halls, theaters
Installations in low-load capacity situations



The KH7 is a unique, compact, self-powered, mid-high line array element complying with the highest standards, both in quality and SPL.

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The KH7 speaker features four 12" coaxial Neodymium magnet woofers, providing multiple setups, including both vertical and horizontal use.

KH7 Vert

Thin and lightweight, Slim Array Technology is our signature trademark. Exceptionally quick to set up. Digitally optimised coverage for a smoother, powerful sound. 


Transform your setup

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Electronic Beam Steering (EBS)

The ability to digitally adjust the dispersion of a line array element not only ensures the same listening experience to all audience members but, at the same time, limits the noise pollution in the areas where the sound pressure must be kept at a minimum.

The use of FIR filters is the biggest advantage of our EBS since it provides extremely high frequency resolution, which would not be possible using delays and traditional filters. Digital steering is an important component of K-array’s Concert Series and Firenze Systems and, along with other important features such as premium materials and impeccable sound quality, puts K-array products on the forefront of cutting-edge professional sound reinforcement.

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Slim Array Technology (SAT)

The practicality of transporting, the ease of assembly and the overall minimal footprint of the cluster are some of the advantages offered by Slim Array Technology. The main advantage of SAT is that the compact design allows for a better impulse response (2) with respect to a diffuser with a voluminous box and controls the horizontal directivity even at medium-low frequencies where traditional line arrays elements tend to be nearly omni-directional (1).

(1) As mentioned, traditional line arrays have a low directivity on the horizontal plane below a certain frequency. The SAT speakers have been mechanically designed to reduce and absorb sound emissions from the back panel. The resulting directivity looks similar to a hyper-cardioid figure. This preserves the desired directivity and produces minimal back emissions.

(2) Another advantage of SAT is a better impulse response than that of a conventional line array element. In truth, a direct-radiating bass reflex box uses a resonant air volume that tends to reduce the definition in the low-mid range and does not allow the correct reproduction of fast transients. Instead, SAT’s compact design allows sound to exit instantaneously without resonance, generating a significant amount of sound pressure in the low and low-mid range with a fast transient response.

The combination of these two factors leads to a significantly better acoustic outcome with respect to the traditional line array elements, particularly in terms of sound definition and noise pollution outside the desired audience areas.

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Auto Config

Design your configuration offsite and just sync the system when it’s up and on.

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Preparing Venue and KH8 System

Auto Splay

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FIR Computing

Transfer to Armonìa and load project to the speakers

Support & Download

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