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12" coaxial passive stainless steel array element

Designed to be consistently unique like all K-array products, the Dragon is a radical interpretation of a traditional coaxial 12” speaker.

When high pressure is needed in the foreground with a rapid depreciation once distanced from the source, the Dragon is a powerful point source that can meet this demand to become one of the most useful tools for an installer.

An adjustable 100° by 30° horn that is easily rotatable gives to the speaker an added value providing two modes of coverage to choose from to meet the needs of different installations. Additionally, dedicated accessories assist in the setup of joining, flying and stacking the speaker, making it a perfect line array component.

Its steel chassis offers maximum rigidity in a minimum size and the Dragon is compatible with all our Thunder subwoofers.

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High Pressure in the Near Field

The emission of point source loudspeakers is characterized by high sound pressure levels in the near field, ideal for applications where the audience is close to the sound source, like clubs, dance floors and live events, like DJ sets.


Variable Angle Array

Thanks to its versatile design, this solution can be used either as a stand alone, single point source or joined with multiple units in an array configuration which can be easily steered mechanically in order to modify the coverage angle.


Color Customizable

We have the ability to customize your project by color matching your system to any RAL code to help you to better integrate the speakers into a wide variety of venues.



Selectable Coverage

The directivity of many K-array solutions can be modified in order to optimize the coverage by an adjustable horn with variable orientation.


Spot/Flood Dragon

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Dragon line products can be successfully used in a range of different settings and events.

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