10 Favourite Installations from USA

Celebrating this year's Thanksgiving we want to be grateful with our favourite installations of K-array USA. Thank you to all the team for your hard work!

Despite all the situation in the entire world, this year was so prolific in terms of projects in North America starting from the most creative ‘The Ranch’ to the in step with the times ‘The Greens at Pier17’. Here it is our favourite USA installations in 2020-2021.

Private Backyard Pool - Massachusetts

The Azimut-KAMUT2V25 powerful system is not only discreet, but is weather proof and durable so the Vyper-KV25 line arrays are installed on the fencing on either side of the patio table completely hidden from view. Spotify is streamed directly to manage the playlist for the guests.

Bleau Bar at Fontainebleau Resort - Miami, Florida

Bleau Bar is the “hallowed” place to be in Miami for entertainment. Famous in the '50s and ’60s, it has long been regarded as the meeting place for many celebrities. Because of its party attitude and spacious dance floor, it needed an appropriate installation for the live sound and Dj sets. Twelve Kayman-KY102 were installed to manage a well-balanced high SPL.

Rock Church - San Bernardino, California

K-array’s small-format Mugello-KH2 line array system delivers high impact and coverage for Rock Church’s 3,000-seat worship space, saving the congregation money, space and power. As one of the largest churches in San Bernardino, California, Rock Church required an upgrade to its sound system, however the full extent was not known until the old system was being disassembled: of the 19 flown loudspeakers, only one and a half were found to be fully functional.

Prevost Coach Motorhome

The Prevost Coach motorhome, a type of self-propelled recreational vehicle (RV) offers mobile living accommodation. These vehicles offer all kinds of comfort, from an elegant design to a tranquil zen arrangement that contributes to a serene and relaxing journey and most of all, a comfortable holiday. Only two Python-KP52, one of the most discreet passive speakers, was enough to bring a serious sound system on board. The pythons were accompanied by two hidden Rumble-KU210 between the seats to isolate from the noise of travelling vibrations due to the roads, especially outside of the city.

Van Barton Balcony - New York

Vanbarton Group is a privately owned, vertically integrated real estate investment and advisory firm with corporate offices located in New York City. The balcony required full coverage for a narrow, but long outdoor space. The speakers had to be low profile and have immaculate clarity and sound to compete with the bustling city environment below. Global Audio Systems came up with a solution consisting of seventeen Python-KP52 speakers installed at the top of the balcony accompanied by six Rumble-KU212 subwoofers.

Audio Drive-In Featuring Kehlani - Malibu, California

As more and more actors, artists and musicians try to find a way back to their work amid the coronavirus shutdown, Kehlani performed at one of the first official drive-in concerts. For audio setup, rental company and long-term K-array partner, On-Stage Rentals supplied a Firenze-KH7 sound system. Total coverage was provided by three Firenze-KH7 loudspeakers hung vertically per side plus six Firenze-KS8 subwoofers in front of the stage.

The Greens at Pier17 - New York

Because of their special position, Pier17 have focused on nightly DJ sets, daily exercise classes, comedians and outdoor cinema moments all weatherproof and low profile. The task for K-array was to install a sound system that went beyond the need for quality and noise. The challenge was to cover the audience area with smooth coverage and a “lounge style” acoustical experience discreetly with speakers that blended into the background. To cover the whole audience area Anderson Audio, a dealer of K-array USA, installed eight Kayman-KY102 - four per side - and twelve Tornado-KT2-HV tucked into planters. Extremely low profile that covers the whole audience area.

Piedmont Hospital Auditorium - Atlanta, Georgia

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital is a leader in patient care that has helped the Atlanta community get better and stay well for more than a century. The auditorium is a highly functional, important area for medical conferences in Georgia and the location is idyllic for its vocal source point. For optimal speech intelligibility ensuring the same listening experience to all 240 audience members, every seat from the first row to the last has its own slim Lyzard-KZ14, this is aided by the design of the conference space to re-create accurate speech performance.

Private Luxury Estate - Ontario, Canada

Gravity Tech chose to use K- array for this Private Luxury Estate in Ontario audio system because of the outdoor capabilities of K-array speakers and compact size for the interiors which could blend easily into the exquisite environment. home theatre there's a lot of challenges that system integrators face such as the loss of cohesive audio in the larger rooms. In order to create that breathtaking immersive audio experience, Gravity Tech installed three Thunder-KSC18P subwoofers and five Thunder-KMT12P. The use of 18-inch subwoofers is fairly unique in a home environment but once you experience it, you will never go back. The passive Thunder-KSC18P utilizes a single 18-inch high-excursion woofer in a small bass-reflex cabinet. Kayman-KY102s guarantee an optimal and uniform audio diffusion of a movie where each breath or inflection of the voice of the actors' narration can be so clear.

The Ranch - Montauk, New York

Purchased in 2020, the current owner of The Ranch, art curator Max Levai, purchased the 24.7-acre property with the intention of converting it into a unique art-exhibition space. The approach to the lighting was trifold due to the uplighting configuration available on RAIL. As the barn structure has vaulted ceilings, uplighting offers enough light on its own, as it reflects off the white wooden panels to create a glow above. And, thanks to the customization of the RAIL, glare control is made easy using the asymmetric linear (lighting option) at the right height.